SMD provides virtual office solutions,
mail address, voice mail/fax,call forward & live answer service.

Wherever you are located around the globe, your business can operate in Switzerland without the high cost of supporting an office and staff.

SMD saves you costs:

  • No Capital.
  • No Legal complications.
  • No rent or added expenses.
  • No Set Up Fees.

SMD services are ideal for:

  • New business start-ups; travelers.
  • Individuals working from home.
  • Those in need of office identity.
  • Required international locations.


live Answer Service

Live agents are available to answer your dedicated phone number 24 hours per day...

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Call Forward

We offer dedicated Swiss telephone lines that can forward calls to any telephone number...

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Mail Address

We offer a Swiss Mail Address service where you can collect mail in your name/company name.

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Receive an Swiss dedicated voice mail/fax line..

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Virtual Office

A Swiss Virtual Office is a complete office solution of a mail address with voice mail/fax...

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Fax Only

Receive an Swiss dedicated fax line...

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